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Eugene Levich
Август 2014

Eugene Levich


Journal "Scientific Israel- Technological Advantages"Vol.16, no.1, 20142 At the beginning of Elokim's creation of heaven and earthThe earth being Tohu and Bohu, darkness over the depths,a wind of Elokim hovering above the surface of the waters,Elokim said, "It will be light!" and it was light.Elokim observed this light and saw it as good,so Elokim distinguished between the light and the darkiABSTRACTThere is no intellectual exploit more poignant than attempts to understand why we exist and if there is sense in our existence beyond the life of a smart animal. The awareness of being one with Cosmos is the gift of self-consciousness that only Man has. Most probably Man is unique and only in visible Cosmos. Man has been desperately searching for his roots in the origin of Cosmos. We find musings on the cause of our existence in conjunction with Cosmos in the records of the earliest literate civilizations. It is possible that those who did not invent script also that have occupied human mind as passionately as contemplated on the meaning of life, but they left no record of this and the meaning of their existence, if any will never be learned.However, some individuals among some human subspecies had the evolutionary inexplicable conscious desire to leave imprint on the future beyond their lifespan. These individuals had left written testimonies for the descendants telling of their achievements and thoughts, but also of spiritual revelations descended upon them. Some of these testimonies have spurred the intellectual and material human creativity for thousands years to come. It is silly to deny, although there have been and will be hordes of instinctive, fanatical deniers of the obvious that the Hebrew Genesis, the 10 Commandments and other spiritual teachings of Hebrew Torah in conjunction with the natural philosophy of ancient Greeks passed over to the Indian and Persian mathematicians, astronomers and sages defined the course of all Judeo-Christian civilization till our time. Well documented sources testify of communications between the Hebrew sages and Greek philosophers in the kingdom of Alexander the Great and much earlier. The contacts between Hebrew and Indian sages were mentioned clearly by Josephus Flavius. The Hebrew Torah had depicted the origin of Arab race and thousands years later was the foundation upon which Koran and the civilization of Islam was based. Professionals in the field indicate correlations between the ancient teachings of pre-Confucius and Confucius period and Hebrew Genesis.In the last two centuries scientists have been trying to replace Genesis with the ever shifting rational picture of creation transpiring from the natural laws. No one can seriously define who deemed such yet undiscovered laws natural. In our view no explanation better than anthropic principle has been found by the cosmologists and physicists. The anthropic principle is a sort of anticlimax. It says loosely that the natural laws are such since if they were different the scientists would have not existed to invent the anthropic principle. It is sad when the depth of crisis in scientific understanding of Creation is so profound that the discussion on the origin of Cosmos and Man is reduced to arguments between a few leading contemporary cosmologists advancing totally unverifiable conjectures while a few other as eminent scientists escape into the anthropic principle.Surely there are many young scientists who are mum and many among laymen not satisfied with the popular hypothesis explaining the existence of the self-conscious life as an accident in our particular Universe-Cosmos that is just one among the uncountable infinity of other Universes that are theJournal "Scientific Israel- Technological Advantages"Vol.16, no.1, 20143subjects to uncountable infinity of different, unnatural laws such that we do not exist. It is also a comfortable escapism that makes unnecessary understanding what life on Earth is. Since the contemporary scientific understanding of life has not much advanced from the Neolithic age life can be declared by a piece in the science columns of the New York Times as yet another fundamental natural law in our Cosmos.

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E.Levich THEORY OF ORDER IN COSMOSE.  Journal "Scientific Israel- Technological Advantages"Vol.16, no.1, 20141  

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