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Painting and Photography

Micrography: Art of words to create an image

Май 2016






gomes-priestley pause 300dpi-1200px.jpg

"Pause" Giclee




"SHE" Giclee

24 x 24 Premium Paper

 Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 1.36.44 PM.png

It is my intent to be fluid with my work, to allow a space where artist and client can discover where the work will lead us. To capture a very special space where I can create a work that is filled with positive energy and a reflection that grows with my clients.

Art should breath and grow, just as we evolve and discover things that we didn't see before. In some of my work I use Micrography, using words to create an image. I have used my poetry, letters, vows and other personal content to create my work.  I am standing in my purpose and embracing the light that shines through me to create.


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