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29 Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter

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Urgent Message From DavidHorowitz
2020-07-02 01:00



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They Want to Eliminate Abraham Lincoln Now

Urgent Message From David Horowitz

Dear Fellow American:

All across this nation, our great heritage is being defaced and destroyed.

I was shocked that in Boston, the left is waging a petition drive to remove a statute of the Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln.


Because he is standing next to a black man he freed, and the black man looks "subservient."


The new American ISIS has no real rhyme and reason to what they are doing.

But they are united in one cause: bring down the United States as a great nation.

When I wrote BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win, I warned that radical leftists like Antifa would stop at nothing this summer and just before the election.

Their immediate goal is to cause so much chaos that they can undermine President Trump's standing - and hopefully defeat him at the polls.

If you read BLITZ, which just hit bookstands - you will see I am right on target.

I am not bragging and proud of these predictions.

I know the radical left because I was once a member.

In the 1970s I saw firsthand that the left didn't really want to help workers or "the people" - they wanted to destroy America.

Little has changed with these groups.

But what has changed is the these groups are now backed by major media like CNN and MSNBC.

These radical groups - when arrested - are now bailed out of jail by Joe Biden's campaign staff.

Mark my words: Joe Biden is no moderate.

Donald Trump is all that stands between us and the end of America.

I say it and explain it in BLITZ.

Mike Huckabee says if every American read BLITZ, Trump would win.

Mark Levin said my book was "indispensable."

Last week, President Trump tweeted that my book was "hot" and described me as a "great author."

I am flattered, but all I really am is a truth teller.

BLITZ is available on Amazon and in bookstores everywhere - or check out the FREE Offer from Newsmax - Go Here Now.

Thank you for what you do to keep our country great.


David Horowitz

P.S. The reaction to BLITZ has been off the charts. I have had several New York Times bestsellers, but this book has gotten the most blowback. Networks like CNN, MSNBC . . . and even Fox News won't have me on to discuss my revelations about the radical, anti-Trump left. But you can spread the message by getting BLITZ and sharing with friends and family. Find out more - and see the FREE Offer - Go Here Now.
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