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Eugene Levich
Август 2013
Опубликовано 2014-08-17 18:00


From the times of antiquity philosophers and scientists have been straining mindsover the primeval nature of order and chaos. Modern cosmologists and philosophersstill do the same. What had been at the beginning? Had it been primordial chaos, orprimordial order, or there had been no beginning?From the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy we learn that Plato (born between 429and 423 BC) was "deeply impressed with the order and beauty he observes in theuniverse and his project in the dialogue is to explain order and beauty. The universe,Plato proposes, is the product of rational, purposive, and beneficent agency. It isthe handiwork of a divine Craftsman (“Demiurge”) who, imitating anunchanging and eternal model, imposes mathematical order on preexistent chaosto generate the ordered universe (Greek kosmos).The governing explanatory principle of the account is teleological: the universe as awhole as well as its various parts are so arranged as to produce a vast array of goodeffects. It strikes Plato strongly that this arrangement is not fortuitous, but theoutcome of the deliberate intent of Intellect (nous), anthropomorphically representedby the figure of the Craftsman who plans and constructs a world that is as excellent asits nature permits it to be" (Timaeus, Plato).In the much more ancient Genesis of Old Testament the preexistent condition isnot chaos. I quote from a respectable translation of the original Genesis of HebrewOld Testament:"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the2deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light".In my, I believe unprejudiced interpretation what is said here is that in the beginning there had been formless, empty, bounded quasi-nothingness, timeless dark void with nothing material. The spirit of God had been hovering over the boundary of this dark void, "upon the face of the waters". The situation remained static, nothing live had been happening till God decreed "let there be light".Nowhere in the Hebrew original texts had I found the imperative of chaos at the birth of Cosmos, chaos as it is understood in modern science. Newton devoted much of his life studying original Kabbalah in Hebrew. He does not mention chaos. But rather eternity and infinity are emphasized.Fundamentals.1. In adherence with the extraordinary vision of Sir Roger Penrose that he promoted for a number of years and summarized in the book for laymen and fans of Cosmology (Roger Penrose, Cycles Of Time,2010, London) it is suggested here that the primeval source of all order and every organized phenomenon and system, every coherent event and happening including the tiniest ones, in Cosmos can be traced literally, not figuratively, back in space/time through the billions years long sequence of intertwined particular mechanisms responsible for particular phenomena events and happenings, the intermediate chain of secondary, local in space/time sources of order, each of these sources generating relative to them chaos, eventually to the primeval source of order at the primordial origin of Cosmos itself.2. Furthermore in accordance with the Cycles of Time vision of Roger Penrose the primordial order at the birth of our Cosmos is inherited from supreme order of the previous Cosmos last days. And further back it goes to the ordered start of this previous Cosmos and further back to the supreme order of yet another previous Cosmos and again in cycles of time ad infinitum. Reversing the time direction the same will be happening in the future. Our Cosmos at the instant of expiration will be supremely ordered. It will smoothly enter into the start of the next Cosmos and so forth ad infinitum into the future. The infinite cycles of consecutive Cosmos deaths and resurrections.3. On the other hand chaos is entirely secondary byproduct at every link of the chain of order-chaos evolution, although vital for order self-preservation at all stages since the birth of each Cosmos. Chaos is inevitable concomitant accompanying order. Order live and inanimate, is aging. Order at every stage of evolution must cleanse itself of worked out, regurgitated matter that serves as the preceding source of order, food actually. By cleansing off the regurgitated matter/food order strives to prolong its life time span, although the main mission of order is launching evolutionary higher order descendant.4. Developing further the vision of Roger Penrose it is suggested that the origin of order in Cosmos dying days is subsequent to the laws of general relativity and quantum mechanics in conjunction with the Second Law of Thermodynamics and last but not least to a conjecture that our material Cosmos is embedded and expanding into the quantum Cosmos that is the3origin of our classical Cosmos and had been of all previous ones andwould be the origin of all future generations of Cosmos.5. The introduction of quantum laws and the above conjecture is a deviation thatI would like to call a quantum footprint on the discovery by Roger Penrose ofCycles of Time solution to the Einstein general relativity equations.6. What is further claimed is that the earliest fraction of a second development ofCosmos after its birth in the Big Bang and the final fraction of a second of Cosmos life prior to expiration are ruled by quantum mechanical laws andsubject to self-similarity laws. The self-similarity and scaling are due anddefined by the fundamental scaling dimensionless constant of Cosmos. 

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